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development and performing with strong technical and innovative commitments.

PwrdbyQ projects are co-creation efforts that involve equity investments by Qconcepts and her project partners. The aim is to accelerate developments and to reduce barriers for clients and partners. All by using natural resources to travel faster and further, opening up new horizons and offering new sustainable solutions. Inspired by the wind, the sun and the oceans.

Smart hydrofoil platform

Lichtweight and ultra efficient

A global market for smart hydrofoil platforms is emerging and pwrdbyQ delivers a fast go-to-market solution. The Autonomous Aquatic Drone (AAD) is based on 9+ years’ experience with the development of smart hydrofoiling platforms.

The AAD is Qconcepts’ directly deployable sensor and logistics platform. It combines PV-powered propulsion, a sensor backbone and autonomous navigation in a small autonomous seagoing craft. Operators and owners enjoy a reduced total cost of operations and an improved organizational performance. The AAD is the beachhead market product for the bigger vision on the creation of zero-emission maritime transport solutions.

HAN Solarboat

HAN Solarboat

Solar power

Since 2012 the HAN Solarboat is build in the Qconcepts facility. Together with students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences we are building en developing the sustainable transport solutions of the future. Smart sensors, lightweight structures and hydrofoils makes the boat ultra efficient.


Easy foiling, safe, spectacular & fun!

Within the market of performance sailing craft, Qconcepts identified the need for a true easy foiling entry solution. In 2018 the Flo1 was born. The Flo1 development is a team effort supported by Hugh Welbourn and Sailing School De Randmeren. The boat is marketed by sister organization Aeronamics and is distributed through a European distribution network.

The unique outwards pointing foils create extra stability, comfort and safety. Sailors with little sailing experience are able to fly the Flo1 within 15 minutes.

In 2023 an E-Foiling leisure craft will be added to the Aeronamics range developed in close cooperation with Von der Linden & The HAN University of applied Sciences.

This development is supported by the Euregio and the Province Gelderland

Flo1 Aeronamics
Hydro power


Energy from water

Two hydropower concepts are equipped with and support by Qconcepts’ technology. Using a modular approach to generate affordable and sustainable energy out of low head hydro power. The systems are installed in both river and tidal flows and offer 24/7 electricity generation for off and on grid communities. Proudly pwrdbyQ.