Our Heritage

  • 2023


    Celebrating 10 years of Solarboat racing

    Racing is an integrated part of Qconcepts’ DNA. Our company Solarboat Team (manned by Qconcepts team members, lecturers and students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences) achieved a 2nd place this year in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. A hard-fought regatta with a combination of endurance races and sprint type ‘boat on boat events’. Competing against the world’s best Solarboat teams is still a unique and unforgiving environment to test boats and technology.

  • 2022

    Updates and tests with the Autonomous Aquatic Drone

    After landing the first contracts rigorous testing and optimization was followed by a market adaption phase. Both prototypes are constantly updated and are being tested in a variety of real-world conditions. These unmanned vessels offer unique opportunities for maritime surveillance and asset monitoring. Qconcepts’ proven quick-to-market strategy paid off, creating synergy between market- and technology developments.



  • 2021


    Towards emission free global shipping, developing the all-electric Autonomous Aquatic Drone

    Launch of and first live testing with the Autonomous Aquatic Drone (AAD) – a crewless zero emission maritime surveying platform based on based on eight years of electric foiling crafts experience through two previous solar racing boat generations.  A solid confirmation of the technology potential with a 3rd place in the world championship Monaco solarboat race with the brand new, 3rd generation, solar racing boat. Finalist in the Airbus ‘Why stop @ Zero’ event as part of a broader and positive market validation effort for Autonomous Aquatic Drone technology. First procurement intentions by future AAD clients.

  • 2020

    Aeronamics Spin-out

    Deliveries of series produced Flo1’s to our European distribution partners. Supported by the Foiling experience facilities and foiling support the Flo’s are used by users that make their first foiling steps.



  • 2019


    Further expansion of JQ Hightech: Making a next step in her development

    As the engineering firm moves out to a separate premises. Taking advantages of the in-house additive manufacturing techniques focusing on the application of metal 3d-printed parts in combination with industrial design expertise.

  • 2018

    Vertical take-off Drone making the first flights

    As the engineering firm moves out to a separate premises. Taking advantages of the in-house additive manufacturing techniques focusing on the application of metal 3d-printed parts in combination with industrial design expertise.



  • 2017


    Spin-out JQ Hightech is established: With Royal KAAK as joint venture partner

    JQ Hightech combines the expertise in the fields 3D (metal) printing, mechanical engineering and industrialdesign. Creating synergy between the strong KAAK family company and scale-up style of doing a business.

  • 2016

    Harvesting wind energy with an autonomous flying kite

    Using the apparent (induced) wind speed to generate energy while flying 8-shaped patterns, taking full advantage of the high-flying speed and lightweight airframe. Sailing boat technology, advanced control systems and light weight composites brought together in a very challenging R&D project.



  • 2015


    Establishment of IIME: A collaboration with HAN University of Applied Sciences

    IIME is staffed by young professionals and working students and is Qconcepts first spin-out. In the years after IIME continues to grow with her mission to create new opportunities for young technical talent. IIME establishes her own second location at the HAN campus in 2021.

  • 2014

    Creation of the world’s first fully hydrofoiling quadruple rowing skull

    A relatively low boat speed, variable center of mass combined with the weight of four big rowers offered a great challenge. The result; a hydrofoiling rowing skull that is fully foiling while at speed.



  • 2013


    Start of hydrofoil developments: Foundation of the Flo1 and the successful HAN Solarboat

    A year of planting seeds that laid the foundation of successful future developments and products. Qconcepts launches the HAN Solarboat team as the cornerstone of her R&D activities and makes the first foiling flights with a singlehanded sailboat development platform, later named Flo1.

  • 2012

    Start of Qconcepts

    Qconcepts is established in its current form and is immediately acknowledged as an innovative player in the regional market. Combing a cooperative approach with a thorough understanding of complex multi-disciplinary projects.



  • 2007-2011


    Development of world’s first series-built performance sport boats

    Equipped with a canting keel. Taking advanced of the movable ballast these boats show a jump in sailing performance without compromising safety and comfort.  
  • 2004-2006

    Team ABN AMRO in the Volvo Ocean Race

    Much of the expertise brought into Qconcepts starts with an adventure in the technical team  of the ABN AMRO team for the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race followed by projects in European Sailing teams. This is where the first seeds were planted and the love for great sport and technological challenges was born.