About us

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Pushing the boundaries of technology

Qconcepts Design & Engineering is specialized in product development based on composite materials, embedded systems and flow analyses in a co-creation setting. We can deliver the complete innovation and development process of your business case. We constantly move technological limits with our young and competent team, taking on multidisciplinary projects.

The combination of deep technical knowledge, creativity and a drive to win as a team makes us a trustworthy partner. We always strive for a value adding collaboration with our clients and partners – therefore, listening, service and quality are key.

Our approach

First, we carefully listen and take time to grow a mutual understanding of the customer problem. Then, we offer tailor made solutions with well-defined responsibilities and boundaries. We strive for long term, continuous innovative relationships with clients.

This is also the way we work on our own successful solar racing boat for over 9 years now. We have a clear view on the next innovation steps and necessary investments to further increase attractiveness and competitiveness of the final product.  For client projects, this approach is exactly the same. We help them stay at forefront in their business or help them get there by finding better solutions that match an existing demand or a demand that is to be developed.

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Co-Creation Best practices

These are the institutions and companies we partner the most with. See the PwrdbyQ page to read more about our other corporations.

HAN University of applied sciences

HAN University of Applied Sciences

We continuously partner with the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) in multiple projects that involve the professional skills improvement of students. These students work on their projects at our offices and workplace. We also provide advice and expertise to HAN staff on subjects related to composite materials, flow-analysis and more. Among others, the  students are working on the HAN Solarboat project. A well-recognized multi-year project that combines technology, sustainability and high-performance sport. Together with students, the Qconcepts professionals compete in national and international solar boat races. Such high profile projects also help to attract the best and brightest talent to Qconcepts.



We expanded the success of the HAN Solarboat project into a real project hub focused on young engineers and youth interested in technology. The Innovation In Mobility and Energy (IIME) hub is our not-for-profit partnership between the city of Doetinchem and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Alternating teams of young engineers and students work on challenging projects in the mobility and energy sectors. It’s a real greenhouse where new ideas and concepts are brought to a next level. Project opportunities  are being submitted by regional and national SME  companies with an R&D, innovation or go-to-market challenge. With respect to the latter category, IIME also carries out communication activities like web design, content creation, social media management and event management.