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We increase the performance and efficiency of our world class carbon composite designs by adding micro-electronics and software. Such system integration capabilities help our customers and stakeholders to get the most out of their envisioned products, including taking into account supply chain (security), O&M, and sales & distribution challenges.

We have proven from the very start that we have a pragmatic approach to design and innovation cases. We never lose sight of the customer problem or the market demand.

By including supply chain and production processes and a smart production facility in our offerings, we are able to deliver lighter and stronger constructions. It also allows us to prepare for a further digitalization of processes and the need of customers for scaling or customization. The multidisciplinary approach is an important part of the projects we do.


Development as a team sport

Having our roots in the formula 1 classes of sailing, the Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup, we know that top performance is always a team effort. Technology development is not done in isolation and we are keenly aware of that. For our own, commercially sold Flo1 single person racing foiler, we deal on a daily basis with supply chain challenges, distribution channel opportunities and marketing & sales realities.

Communication between partners, team members and suppliers is always transparent. Shared goals are constantly sought after. We pride ourselves for our continuous drive for development, not taking any solutions for granted, continuously feeding back market and partner validations into design improvements.



talented team

A talented and multidisciplinary team

Our engineering team includes aeronautical, robotics, electronics and mechanical engineers. To make this work optimally, collaboration and teamwork are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We feed the collaboration urge in team members by asking them to reflect early in the process on the final product impact that the client is pursuing. This helps growing a heartfelt commitment in team members to be part of the ultimate client success. Furthermore, we embrace technical challenges with iterative out-of-the-box thinking. Qconcepts is a constantly developing organization.

On the way to zero emission and zero waste

We contribute to getting to a fully circular economy by:

  • The often disruptive energy conversion efficiency improvement of our designs and products,
  • Acting in terms of supply chains, rather than single products. This is a prerequisite for closing raw materials loops together with clients,
  • Using renewable electricity for our own activities and opting for low- or no-impact materials and tooling where possible.
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