Aeronamics pwrdbyQ presents the FloE

Aeronamics pwrdbyQ presents the FloE, an electrically powered hydrofoil boat suitable for one to two people and their luggage. The FloE had its premiere during the Hiswa te Water exhibition. The first deliveries are plannend for Spring 2023!

Unique features

The FloE is characterized by the application of self-stabilizing hydrofoils without active control or moving parts. This makes the FloE suitable for all water sports enthusiasts to experience foiling. The FloE is quiet, safe and intuitive for the user. The steering wheel with an integrated digital display guarantees complete user control from the very first use. A speed limiter allows use for youth (14-18 years) and water sports fans without a boat license. The geofence option allows for safe and controlled use within a pre-set perimeter, opening new opportunities for rental companies and use by less experienced users. The arrival of the FloE creates new opportunities for recreation, also in areas with strict environmental and emission regulations.


Although the outside of the boat does not reveal anything, the boat is made of durable materials without compromising on quality. The FloE is manufactured with bio resins and emission-free gelcoats. The applied foam core creates a light and rigid construction and consists of recycled PET. The FloE is charged via a supplied charger. Optionally, a charging station is equipped with solar panels. This feeds the sustainably built boat with fully sustainably generated energy.

Technical details

The boat is limited to 20 km/h for users without a license, the top speed is approximately 38 km/h (20 knots). The range of the boat in its standard configuration is approximately 15 miles (24 km). In this configuration you can sail at foiling speed for up to 75 minutes. The FloE is suitable for a crew weight of 50 to 140 kilos, with which couples and parent-child combinations can also experience a quiet, comfortable and fast foiling experience.

After extensive tests in the Netherlands and Italy, demonstrations are planned from September 2022. These demonstrations are planned in Italy, Monaco, France and Germany. The exact dates and additional information will be shared via the website and social media channels. The first FloE deliveries will take place from the spring of 2023.

Aeronamics pwrdbyQ presents the FloE