SKEIRON – Airborne Wind Turbine

SKEIRON is a small scale airborne wind turbine that is currently being developed by QConcepts. The machine is brought to an altitude of 100+ meters while connected to the ground with an synthetic tether. The turbine uses the higher wind speeds at this altitude and generates its own (forward) speed resulting in a very large (power) output potential.

The Results:

• 75% less material required in comparison to conventional wind turbines

• Less shadow (for the surroundings)

• Less risk for birds (bird strike)

• High performance even at lower wind speeds

The project focuses on the development of the concept, aerodynamic analysis, lightweight structures and control systems. The phased development has completed its proof of principle phase. The second phase prototypes are currently subjected to tests.  

  • Business case
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Tooling
  • Production