Our Approach

We offer tailor made solutions for our clients and partners. Our continuous innovation projects and investments in new projects keep us greedy for results and focused on delivery. This way, we stay at the forefront in our business and we find solutions that match an existing demand or a demand that is to be developed.

We combine fields of expertise, from which we extract unique synergy that add value to our customers and partners. We are open to for partnerships and new ideas when we see opportunities for a powerful innovation platform.

Development as a team sport

Communication between partners, team members and suppliers is transparent. Shared goals are constantly sought after. They are characterized by a continuous drive for development and do not take solutions for granted. They challenge themselves and strive for results.

A talented and multidisciplinary team.

Our engineering team has existed of aeronautical, robotics, electronics and mechanical engineers. To make this work, collaboration and teamwork have become the cornerstones of our philosophy. We constantly challenge ourselves in our activities and push the boundaries of technology. From the start, the constantly-growing team has embraced technical challenges with smart out-of-the-box thinking. We are proud of the goals we achieved and the team that made these happen. QConcepts is a constantly (continuously?) growing organization.

Efficient use of natural resources

We use natural resources and (electrical) energy efficiently. Where possible, we use smart materials. We benefit from natural effects, which make our products better. Examples of this are the Oryon Watermill – an underwater power plant – and the hydrofoil systems that uses lift to make vessels move faster and more efficiently.