Oryon Watermill

Hydro Powerplant

QConcepts acts as a co-developer in this large development project. After an extensive design and testing program, watermills are being built for locations in South America and Europe. The unique vertical axes power plant generates electrical energy from (low speed) water flows in rivers, tidal and forced set-ups. The wide flow openings and the ‘revolving door’ principle leaves water life unharmed.  A venturi unit is used for efficiency purposes, creating a relatively simple and submersed structure.

In the design of the structural arms QConcepts contributed the latest principles in composite technology. The production process is automated wherever possible and the latest identification tags are used for product traceability and maintenance purposes. A low maintenance frequency and a modular setup are the aims of this project. It forms the bases of a sound business case for the development team and end-users of this innovative product.

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