Hydrofoil Packages

Improving performance, comfort and efficiency

Hydrofoils create a dynamic lift, resulting in the reduction of wetted surface area of vessels and/or increasing the stability and comfort for the crew. This performance and comfort factor offers opportunities in various segments of the maritime sector. The focus is on better overall performance, reduction in engine size, fuel consumption and better seakeeping characteristics.

Dependent on the intended use the foils are either self-stabilizing or activity-controlled. The Flo1 is a key example of easy foiling for the recreative sailor. This requires the self-stabilizing system. For professional use, an integrated software and hardware package is developed for active control of the hydrofoils, with the opportunity to control ride-height, take-off, pitch and roll.

This continuous hydrofoil development program is one of the corner stones of the activities at QConcepts. Various versions for specific markets are being developed.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Tooiling
  • Production