Aeronamics Flo1

Easy Hydrofoiling

Developing the boat from scratch to final product, we have made hydrofoiling available for a large group of recreative sailors.

Watching the America’s Cup boats fly in San Francisco bay in 2013 made the team think about what it takes to offer a true ‘easy foiling experience’ . The target segment was defined and with four prototypes several foil configurations were tested. In 2017 the Flo1 was born. The Flo1 development is a team effort supported by Hugh Welbourn and Sailing School De Randmeren. The boat is marketed by Aeronamics and a foiling base is founded in Biddinghuizen.

The unique outwards pointing DSS-foils create stability ‘on demand’, the boat has a larger stability while foiling than in ‘floating mode’. “Stability when you need it: when you go fast”.

Sailors with a little experience sailing a singlehander will be able to fly the Flo1 within 15 minutes.

Visit the website of Aeronamics for more info.

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