An area of expertise that is becoming increasingly important is that of the Embedded Systems. With these systems, software and hardware are combined to give the final product a form of intelligence. These intelligent systems silently become a bigger part of our lives. After all, they are already processed in most electronic household appliances. Because of the emerging Internet of Things, Embedded Systems start to play a more important role every day. In industry, more is possible because of the limited amount of space Embedded Systems require, user friendliness and quickly decreasing costs.

It is important that Embedded Systems operate independently from the established operating systems and with that they are useful for a large variety of applications. Besides it should be possible to communicate between separate systems.

A specialized team is currently working on the development of Embedded Systems. Redundancy is very important in preventing loss of data or systems or processes getting out of control. Software- and hardware-based redundancy of technical systems is an important topic within QConcepts. Furthermore, certification of the systems is very important.

QConcepts owns facilities to assemble prototypes. From concept to production-ready – the possibilities are endless.

The Embedded Systems that QConcepts develops are applied to drone control systems, actuator systems, display solutions, visualisation of magnitudes, motion control and data logging/process control.

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