Smart Curing Controller

De Smart Curing Controller is een systeem dat niet alleen composiet hardt, maar ook data verzamelt over het curingproces. Het apparaat combineert de besturing van verwarmingselementen met de opslag en live screening van het curingproces, zonder dat daar extra manuren voor benodigd zijn. Het universele systeem is…

Colad Turbomix Paintsaver – optimaliseren van een roerstick

In opdracht van EMM International ontwierp QConcepts een roerstick. Door middel van CFD analyse werd de roerstick geoptimaliseerd voor een consistent en snel menggedrag.

ORYON Watermill – submersed powerplant

The ORYON Watermill is a sustainable power plant that is driven by moving water masses. These hydroturbines are placed under the water surface and are efficient because they can generate energy almost continuously. They are not harmful for fish. The product will be delivered with a mobile application that can display how much energy the plant is generating. It is designed and produced by the company Deepwater Energy B.V. from Arnhem, the Netherlands.

QConcepts designs, engineers and manufactures the highly loaded structural arms.

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BladeRunner – hydro turbine

Ortega Submersibles

Urban Wind Turbine – Analysis and Improvement

By order of a local client, the rotor and the collar of an ‘urban’ wind turbine is analyzed and improved. The focus of this project was the use of the turbine in (urban) areas with low wind speeds and venturi effects.

TicTag – Developing an electromagnetic stamp

For an external partner QConcepts developed an electromagnetic stamp and associated production techniques. Integration of rapid production methods play an integral role. The stamp has had its market introduction and has been branded Tictag.
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Analysis of industrial heaters

Analysis of industrial heaters Based on CFD analysis are industrial heaters analysed with specific attention to local hot and cold spots. Goals were: increasing returns and the extension of life span.

Radiator temperature 3