It is our ambition to push the boundaries of technology.

QConcepts has a young and enthusiastic team of specialists working on multidisciplinary projects.

Creative and Innovative

The best solutions are found outside the boundaries


A good product is created by interaction and craftsmanship

Flow Analysis

Optimal air- water- and energy flows require the right expertise.


Suitable solutions for challenging composite structures


Development of products and production methods





How high will you set the bar?


We take your controls seriously





How ‘smart’ are you?

Flow Analysis

Analysis of flows





Knowledge we would like to share

ORYON Watermill – submersed powerplant

The ORYON Watermill is a sustainable power plant that is driven by moving water masses. These hydroturbines are placed under the water surface and are efficient because they can generate energy almost continuously. They are not harmful for fish. The product will be... read more

Smart Space Cluster

Smart Space Cluster is a collaboration between a number of companies and universities from the east of the Netherlands, meant to develop innovative aerospace products. Eventually the products should be applicable to multiple areas, like health care, food industry and... read more

HAN Hydromotive – hydrogen powered vehicle

A team of students of Automotive Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences is currently preparing for the Shell Eco-marathon. The race, which is about driving as efficiently as possible, will take place in London from next June 30th until July 3th. Because of... read more



“QConcepts simultaneously bridges with its developments the boundary between science and commerce as the border between the Netherlands and Germany.”

Piet Boomsma, Knowledge alliance Rhine-Waal

Smart Display

The Smart Display that was developed at QConcepts is a clever device that is equipped with several ports. A number of signals can be sent to the box. These signals are processed by an efficient and low power processor. The required information is displayed on the... read more

Aeronamics Presents ‘Easy’-Foiling Sailboat FLO1

Up until today, the thrill of hydrofoil sailing has been a privilege only for a small group of highly skilled sailors. Aeronamics originates in the desire to make the hydrofoiling experience available to a large group of sailing enthusiasts. The Aeronamics Flo1 will... read more

SKEIRON, a multi-purpose platform

June 9, 2016 Last week, the Dutch river dikes were under considerable pressure after a historic amount of rainfall in a very short time span. The water levels rose rapidly and in the German town of Hamminkeln, just across the border, the dikes of the river Issel were... read more

Zeilen Foilingdag

Aanstaande zaterdag 30 april vindt de Zeilen Foilingdag plaats in de Bataviahaven in Lelystad. Het evenement maakt onderdeel uit van de Cornelisrace, een jaarlijks maritiem festival. Organisator Zeilen Magazine brengt heel foilend Nederland bij elkaar. De gehele dag... read more

Ondernemersdag 2016 – Geslaagde middag op De Vijverberg

Vorige week al mochten we het mooie nieuws ontvangen dat we een van de drie genomineerden waren voor de prijs van het ‘Innovatiefste bedrijf van de Achterhoek’. Deze werd gisteren uitgereikt tijdens de Ondernemersdag 2016. Medegenomineerden waren Stooff... read more

Aftrap Smart-Space cluster op de Talententuin

 Een aantal Oost-Nederlandse bedrijven bundelt de krachten om innovatieve producten voor de ruimtevaart te ontwikkelen.  Het cluster wordt ondersteund door de Provincie Gelderland en SRON, Netherlands Institute for Space Research, waarbij SRON zal optreden als... read more

Hannover Messe

We are present at the Hannover Messe from Monday 13th till Friday 17th April. You are welcome to visit us at Hall 13, stand 14(9). read more

Nacht van de Gelderse economie

Thursday, February 26, 2015 took the Night of Gelderland (province) economy place. Hereby was QConcepts one of 10 semifinalists for the best start-up of Gelderland. After a preliminary round, appeared five startups on stage, namely ReSnap, Studio Roes Novo Language,... read more

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